a documentary, is a report of people who were forced, in the years 1943 - 1945, by the brutality of the war and of the nazi regime,  to live, work and die either as concentration camp slaves or as forced laborers for a practically unknown V-2 military plant in Austria.

At the same time we see a documentation of people of today who, forty years later, are suddenly confronted, through the persistent research of the film authors, with their past. A  past which they had either kept secret on purpose or which they had simply forgotten about.

An "insignificant" bunker is accidentally discovered in Zipf/Upper Austria. The  protagonists first investigate out of mere curiosity, but slowly memories and documents become more coherent and develop into a network.

A hitherto unknown chronicle of the former outpost of the concentration camp at  Mauthausen and of the V-2 testing station SCHLIER is the historically significant result of this documentary.

Documentary film, color, 90 minutes.

Financial support: Bundesministerium für Unterricht und Kunst Austria and Landesregierung Upper Austria.

Television: Austrian Television ORF, Bavarian Television.


Österreichische Filmtage Wels 1985

9. Duisburger Filmwoche 1985

28. Internationale Leipziger Dokumentar- und Kurzfilmwoche 1985

25. Internationales Filmfestival in Karlovy Vary 1986

2. Internationales Filmfestival in Bludenz ALPINALE

(Price for the best social- and analysing contamporary documentary film).

 Landvermessung 1992 (the best Austrian films of the last ten years)

  1. (1997)"Connection for tomorrow. A History of the Austrian Film since



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