IXOK-WOMAN is the story of two Guatemalan exiles, Carmen and Edgar, who recall their life-drama in their play IXOK (means woman in the Maya-language). This documentary-feature takes us from  Guatemala and across to Europe to France, Germany and Austria: in so doing it maintains the fine balance between the different cultures. Despite their fear of frontiers, brought on by Edgar's experiences  in Guate-mala, Carmen and Edgar perse-vere across borders taking their Guatemalan message to European audiences. The special feature of this film is how it depicts the power and dignity of the people  in the Third World, most poignantly shown through Carmen's plays and her expression of feelings.

90 minutes, colour

Locations: Germany, Austria, Paris, Guatemala.

Financial supports:

Bundesministerium für Unterricht und Kunst, Austria.

Bayerische Filmförderung.

Landesregierung Upper Austria.

European Commission Bruxelles.

BABEL, Broadcasting Across the Barriers of European  Language: English version.

Kuratorium junger deutscher Film: French version.

Festivals and special events:

  1. 1. Internationales Filmfestival NRW/Colonne.

  2. 7. Österreichische Filmtage Wels.

  3. 12. International Filmfestival, Havanna/Cuba

  4. 7. Kasseler Dokumentarfilmtage.

  5. 13. Internationales Filmfestival CINEMA DU REEL,  Paris.

  6. 7. Tage des Unabhängigen Films Augsburg.

  7. 6. Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival Munich.

  8. Lateinamerikanische Filmtage Munich.

  9. 3rd Caribbean Film Festival, Martinique.

  10. EYES ACROSS THE WATER - The second Amsterdam  Conference on Visual Sociology and Anthropology.

  11. INDIGINOUS PEOPLES' FESTIVAL, European Tour 1992.

  12. Rencontres de Cinema AMERINDIA - France 1992.

  13. 3. Arbeitstagung der Kommission für den  volkskundlichen Film der Deutschen Gesellschaft für  Volkskunde, Bonn.

  14. 3rd International Festival of Ethnographic Film,  University of Manchester, UK.

  15. TAM TAM Video Festival, Roma Italy.

  16. Amerindian & Arctic Peoples'Film Project European  Tour 1993.

  17. Euro Aim Screenings, San Sebastian, Spain.

  18. 1. Göttingen International Ethnographic Film  Festival 1993, Germany.

  19. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Volkskunde,  Passau 1993.

  20. 36th Bilbao International Festival of Short and  Documentary Films, 1994.

  21. Mostra  de Video i Cine Indigena d'Amèrica, Barcelona 1998

  22. Balearic Islands Filmfestival 2000

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