In 1941 the writer, Stefan Zweig, arrived in New York accompanied by his second wife, Lotte. To write his auto-biography, "The World of Yesterday", he turned to his exwife,  Friderike, for moral support. Zweig's relationship with his current and former wives, and his acclaimed autobiography, form the basis of the film - a dramatic recount of his last  ten years. For Zweig, Austrian and jew, the cultural and social collapse of Europe and the relentless persecution of his faith forced him from Salz-burg into exile in London, then  Nice, Bath and New York. It was just before his untimely death by his own hand.

Semi-documentary filmnovella, 52 minutes, color, Betacam SP/16mm, German and English version.

Financial support: Bundesministerium für Unterricht und Kunst, Austria.

City and country Salzburg, Austria

Landesregierung Upper Austria

Bayerische Filmförderung

EG-MEDIA-Project BABEL: English version

Festivals and special events:

8. Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival Munich 1993.

Euro Aim Screenings Donastia 1993, Spain.

DIAGONALE Austrian Filmfestival Salzburg 1993

Austrian Cultural Institute, New York 1993

International ART FILM Festival Trencianske Teplice, Slovak Republic 1994

Television: Israel und Slovenia